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Our services, embedded into each stage of our boxing development programming, include:
  • Easily accessible activities – in identified communities to bring young people off of the streets and into a safe, structured and supervised environment.
  • Mentoring and role modeling – by both employed staff and volunteers and trained community volunteers and young people, providing advice, guidance and leadership to vulnerable young people and aiding the development of life skills and life choices.
  • Educational toolkits & Workshops –  to address a range of behaviours and lifestyles, including alcohol and substance misuse, sexual health and relationships, conflict resolution and anger management skills, equality and diversity and communication and leadership skills. Our staff are trained in sports coaching and fitness, youth work and community development and are trained to deliver accredited and vocational training.
  • Empowerment days – opportunities to meet ambassadors and role models from within the world of boxing including professional boxers and political and industry leaders to inspire and influence participants as well as talk from peer leaders those that have been in the young peoples shoes and come through it.
  • Progression routes – into accredited and vocational training, volunteering and leadership roles and support into further education and employment. Our staff are trained in sports coaching and fitness, youth work and community development and are trained to deliver accredited and vocational training.
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